July 09, 2004

SCQ Reload

Finally, the youth show, er, soap I've been working on, SCQ RELOAD, will have its premiere this Monday already. Mark the date peeps, July 12, before TV Patrol.:) I wrote most of Week 1 (with possible spillover in Week 2) so please, please watch it. However, this is still a personal blog okay? This basically means I would really really appreciate it if you don't fill the tagboard with your violent comments about the show (if ever there are any). This blog will remain to be a space for my daily rants and whinings. :)

Again, July 12, before TV Patrol, SCQ Reload!


Trinnah said...

What is it about? Looks interesting.
It's going to have Sandara, right? She's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted. Have you seen the article on ABS-CBN's site for SCQ Reload? It's got your name on it -- right at the very end. :)

See SCQ Reload? OK Ako!

Looks fun. :)

~ CarlaFans

Miaka said...

So that's what you're working on. I'll try to catch it but I usually don't get home by that time. (Oh wait, I'm on the 8-5 shift!) M not really a fan of SCQ but let's see how it translates.

beatlebum said...

mar, yup sandara is part of the cast. it's very difficult to summarize the story coz it's multi-character and multi-plotting. plus the genre is soap so the story readily changes. pero basically, it's about the lives and loves of the characters the top 10 questors are playing. hehe.:)

thanks carla_fan! i don't like it that they didn't use my real first name though. :D o.c. lang talaga ako. hehe. :)

ros, don't expect too much! :) remember, mainstream TV and me pinangangalagaang image ang mga artistang to?! :) but i hope you'll like it. although hanggang week 1 lang talaga drama ko. kasi nga group writing na after. at magre-resign rin naman ako. :) pero the management were ecstatic when they saw the first eppy so sana ganon din reaction ng mga tao. :)

Anonymous said...

hi i'm joyce and i'm doing a tv show review for our english 12 class. it just so happened that i picked scq reload. please help me. i just need the show's synopsis. thanks. you could email me here: callingjoyce@yahoo.com