July 03, 2004

Promo Overload

Life is boring and I'm too tired to whine yet I wanna update this bloggy so I'll promote some thingy instead. Heh. :)

To my fellow cineastes, the Makati Cinemanila International Film Festival is ongoing at the Greenbelt 1 cinemas. I encourage you guys to support the festival and watch the films. There are a lot of acclaimed foreign titles like Sweden's Evil and Japan's Zatoichi. So far I've seen Girl with a Pearl Earring (Scarlet Johansson was robbed of an Oscar nom!), The Mother (UK version of Naglalayag:D) and Reconstruction (superb cinematography). Anyways, the festival will run till July 12 so there's still time to catch up. If we want this event to go on yearly, we need to support and watch. Okay? :)

To my fellow reality TV freaks, The Amazing Race will premiere on Wednesday, July 7, 9:30am on Studio 23. (The replay will be every Sunday at 7pm, while AXN Asia airs the day's eppy at 8pm). I've been a fan of the show since Season 3 (Go Flo and Zach!) and never missed an episode in Season 4 (Thanks to Kelly and Jon, and lovable biatches Tian and Jaree!). I so wanna play this game (same with Survivor :D) and constantly daydream that I'm one of its contestants. Pathetic, I know! :) Added bonus to Filipino fans, the race will have two pitstops in the Philippines - one in Coconut Palace, Manila, the other in Palawan. Exciting! :)

Finally, please vote for Anna Larrucea in GMA 7's 30 DAYS. Hehehe. Oo na, showbiz na ako! Basta, just text 30DAYS ANNA and send to 2364 for GLOBE/TM and 4627 for SMART/TN. We're not close friends but I worked with her before in My First Romance and I believe she really deserves a second chance. She's a very intelligent actress and kailangan natin ng matatalinong artista dito sa Pilipinas. Astig na punkista din to! Sana maipakita real self nya on-cam. Agree, Pink? I mean you directed her before in that Michael Josh Santana music video.

Go Threena! :)

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