July 25, 2004

Incoherent Sentiments

I know, I know, I haven’t been updating my blog lately. As expected, work’s taking most of my time. I haven’t had normal hours of sleep (7 hours for me) in days. I’ve been writing and revising scripts non-stop, it came to a point where I don’t want to see a PC anymore. Okay, I’m in my overacting mode. I now understand Rose, the perennially depressed soap opera writer. :) It’s really depressing to write for soaps. Not only do you constantly write about the characters’ monumental problems and conflicts, you also realize that time passes you by while you’re alone and in front of the computer 24/7. In fairness, our show’s doing very well in the ratings game considering it’s up against anime and the fans of our soap’s stars are still on the road from school during our timeslot. Reading the fan’s positive reactions on the internet is also very gratifying. Still, I don’t want to waste a precious year of my life just staring at the PC. I wanna go out and have fun too! Just like our soap’s characters. :)

I did have fun last last Sunday. It was the birthday of my dearest high school friend Chegay. We had dinner and some chit-chat with our other high school friends living in the metro in G4, and then went to Corinthians KTV in Libis afterwards. As always, I enjoyed singing videoke. I can’t explain it but singing videoke is just so liberating and it also makes me stress-free. I love it! Pleasant surprises on the KTV's video list are Coldplay’s “The Scientist” and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Zephyr Song.” There was also Rhett Miller’s “Come Around” but it wouldn’t play. We termed videos on the play list that wouldn’t play as “pirated.”

Tomorrow, or rather today is our city fiesta. I originally planned on going home this weekend since the last time I’ve been home was still last December. It’s just that, again, I couldn’t do so because of work, plus the fact that I also have to prepare for a class report on Monday. (I just remember, I’m also a student. :D ) I did go home last year for the annual food-trip galore. Argh, I’m beginning to crave for lechon now. Actually last year’s fiesta was a bit nostalgic for me because it’s the first fiesta that I was home since I left in 1992. I had fun acting like a “balikbayan” kuno (LOL! :D ) and even happily took pictures of the Sinulog contest and stuff. I love town fiestas!

Anyways, without any connection to the prior contents of this entry, I encourage you guys to watch the Sundance-winning documentary Imelda, now having its regular theater run. The docu’s very funny (thanks to Imelda’s quotable quotes) yet very insightful. I’m shy to admit that I got teary-eyed while watching the flick. No, not because I pitied Imelda but because the docu also gave some historical insights about our nation and how we’ve never really been freed from “colonial” bondage. Considering the recent Angelo de la Cruz crisis and political conflicts, it just really made me sad for the Philippines. I don’t know what’s with me these days. First, my sentimental reaction to the The APL Song music vid, and then now, Imelda, I’m becoming more nationalistic. I should be proud of that, I guess.


Miaka said...

I haven't seen Imelda yet although I have been planning to since forever. :) Anyway, seeing the reviews reminded me of one story Avecilla shared about Imelda during one of our classes. She said that she cannot pay high fees because it would be obvious that she had money. Duh!

chinee la chaka, MD said...

hi there! just bloghopping :-) actually, i'm a bored girl who had nothing better to do than search her name on altavista, hehehe! :-P i was delighted to know somebody out there is named chegay other than moi! :-) is that your friend's full name though?

anyway, seems like you're from abs-cbn-- small world! :-) i used to work for the interactive group before i moved to the US. i'm such an oldie, i didn't get to enjoy the new building, hehe!