February 22, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 12 Predictions!

They are not necessarily my favorites but based on the amount of airtime they had, the "pimping" they got from TPTB, their charismatic or polarizing personality, their internet popularity, and okay, their talent as seen during the first Top 24 shows, I predict the following to be this season's Top 12.

Michael Johns

Carly Smithson

David Archuleta

Jason Castro

Alaina Whitaker

Amanda Overmyer

David Cook

Asiah Epperson

Syesha Mercado

Ramielle Malubay

Danny Noriega

Robbie Carico

Just to review my track record (haha!), I got 10 out of 12 last year, 9 out of 12 in Season 5, and 5 out of 7 in Season 4. I think it's more difficult to predict this year especially since most of the Top 24 contestants got fair amount of airtime during the audition and Hollywood rounds. (Only 4 finalists didn't get any, I believe). This basically means that notwithstanding the pimping of the Aussie, Irish and Twink, it's a relatively even field. :)

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