January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

To my friends who are wondering, I just want to make it clear that I’m not angry with anyone. It’s not right for me to judge people. Beauty pageant answer as I may sound but I don’t think there’s really a human being who’s purely evil (or purely good for that matter.) We just do unexplainable things to survive, or we are basically flawed but not necessarily evil. I was more of angry and frustrated at the situation, thus the spur of the moment emotional blog entry. Now, I’m just more of sad yet hopeful and prayerful that everything will be alright.

Year-enders have really been downers for me for the past two years. Last year, I was an emotional wreck for being foolishly in love. I was reading my blog entries last year and I was pathetic. :) But I guess the cliché’s right. New year means hope and new beginning. As you all know, I eventually recovered and moved on. It’s the same premise that I’m trying to put in mind for my friend’s state. The sun will come out tomorrow. Argh, why am I beginning to sound like Monjam with all these trite WOWs! :D But I guess the reason why they became clichéd is because they’re true.

Sans my one-man drama (e kasi naman kaya ako nababaliw dito kasi wala akong makausap about it. Sarili ko lang kinakausap ko, schizo mode! :D), my vacation’s okay. My elementary classmates and I had our annual reunion last Sunday night and as always, it was a blast. We videoke’d, drank and danced till dawn. Some of us plan to visit Dakak in a few days. Sana nga matuloy. Honestly though, I’m scared of going back to Manila. Unlike last year, I have no idea what’s in store for me in 2008 in terms of work and school. Again, there’s the issue of finding a job before my savings are emptied but I also want to be careful about it because I don’t want it to interfere with school. Okay another cliché; I’ll just leave everything up to the Lord. :)

Para bago naman, Math's dictionary muna and not Monjam's, have a “krispy” new year friends! :)

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