October 28, 2007

Dado's Drill!

Yesterday's lecture drill was probably the most mentally & psychologically draining. It made us realize that we still have a looong way to go before we can call ourselves able filmmakers. The almost 2-hour debrief both humbled and challenged me. I'm actually now stressed out about my first short project. It's just that I can't help but compare myself to my other classmates who are more creative and intelligent. They've brilliant concepts while I can't even call the concept of my first short totally mine. I only wrote the script but Michiko provided the idea. I should stop being insecure.

This isn't supposed to be a rant entry so...

Oh, by the way (haha!), I brought my digicam yesterday and took some BTS pics of Dado's drill. Here are some of the pictures!

The Sarah Balabagan Story!

Ang landi ni Lola! :)

Bus driver ako!

Shoot Break!

Posing for Multiply!

More pictures in My Multiply!

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