July 30, 2006

Black Eyed!

I've been very busy with work, I forgot to tell you that I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert in Araneta. I'm not a fan but Direk Jon gave me lower box tickets so who am I to resist?! :) Good thing I went because the concert was fun and I had a good time dancing with my "date", lesbo workmate Janice. Below are the pics and videos (sorry though, my cam quality isn't good, the Black Eyed pics and videos are blurry!)


The Black Eyed pics

The instant Black Eyed fans

The Black Eyed videos


saffron_blue said...

sayang...bagay pa naman sana kayo ni janice. weheh. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hmm... pakilala mo ko sa friend mo! :)


beatlebum said...

hahaha! me "boy"friend na eh. :)