July 21, 2006


I would have posted this entry earlier if not for the faulty electric lines in our apartment that caused us to have no electricity for about a week. Yes peeps, total blackout greeted me upon my return from my short break, which basically means no Internet as well. It was a downer but thank God for a very wonderful vacay, even that didn't dampen my spirit.

Started the break by passing by my high school city for a day. Met with my HS classmates and got to attend the meeting for our 10th year high school reunion. Yes peeps, I'm that old! Being the classmate who works for mass media, they asked for my creative inputs. I couldn't provide any. Truthfully, I'm not creative when it comes to brainstorming for a reunion dinner's theme, costume, gimmick and the likes. Hehe.

I treated my HS classmates to dinner in a German resto where they kept on teasing me about my lovelife. I did wonder why until one of them told me that I should be careful with what I write on this blog. O...kay! :) I just told them that I made up those love entries to make myself controversial. Now, they know I lied. Heh!

Spent the rest of the vacay in my hometown where I got to read 2 novels, The Nanny Diaries (funny and witty, can't wait for the Scarlett Johannsen movie!) and Atonement (classic piece of modern lit, made me cry damn it!) and got to watch 4 DVD's, Matchpoint (Jonathan Rhys-Meyer is IT!), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Charlie Kauffman is IT!), Crash (Matt Dillon is IT) and the trilogy Eros (Wong Kar Wai's episode is IT!).

Two nights before I flew back to the metro, met with my elementary classmates for a drinking spree. Alavet! :)

Now I'm moving on... ;)

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