August 11, 2006

Everybody's Doing It, So Why Can't I?

My last hilarity before I go back to the work force. Warning, this is the most shameless You Tube video I've ever done and alavet! =)

Random Updates:

1. My Fitness First contract already ended last July with no noticeable results. (Heh!) I decided not to renew and instead, enrolled myself in the neighborhood boxing gym. I had my first boxing lessons yesterday and I surprisingly enjoyed it. My hands are numb now though. I'm having difficulty typing this entry.

2. Next week is the start of non-stop PDA work. I'll be going to Subic to monitor the dorm activities of some of the students before they're launched in a grand musical kick-off in Cebu on the 26th. I know Philippine Idol is hot, but I hope PDA will be hotter.

3. Hopefully, I can squeeze in time to attend my 10th year high school reunion on the 25th. Yes, I'm that old. I already bought plane tickets but ain't sure yet whether I can really attend the reunion. Please pray for me! :)

4. And oh, Pangako Sa ‘Yo will be re-shown on Primetime Bida starting Monday. This is my first TV show so it has sentimental value. The creative team plan to have a mini-reunion on the 14th to watch the show that took away our social lives for 2 years. Surely, there will be some reminiscing after.


CF said...

Ohmygod! I was laughing like crazy!! hahaha! Thanks for the biggest laugh I've had all week. :-P

Dude said...

ted di ko kinaya. hahaha.. congrats on PSY's rerun!

Janet said...

hahahahaha! \:D/ ... hahahaha... You made my day Tedz !!!! Miss you.. :)

beatlebum said...

hahaha! i'm embarrassed now! :D