March 30, 2006

The Big Night

The Big Night of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition is this Saturday already. Don’t forget to watch!

I did correctly predict 2 of the Big 4 pre-show, aight! I think Keanna will win this, though. As for whom I want to win, it’s hard for me to decide because my main gripe from the beginning is that this show is basically a popularity contest. The basis of the viewers for voting is their own personal criteria, which can be varied. They could vote based on who played the game best or whom they deem as the housemate with admirable strength of character, whatever reason they can think of, it’s valid. That’s why I don’t think we can say that a housemate doesn’t deserve to win because in Pinoy Big Brother, we make our own basis for judgment and there’s no universal truth.

With that being said, I’m rooting for John to win. He got along with everyone inside the house. He is a good person. He played it safe, yes, but then I realize that’s also me in real life. Heh!:) I want him to win because he will be a good representative of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and from a strategic perspective, he also played the game very well.

Bianca and Keanna are two polarizing housemates. I wanted them to win at some point, actually. I rooted for comic underdog Keanna during the early weeks and when Rustom started attacking Bianca and was already declaring the Big 4 to be him, Keanna, John and Budoy, I so wanted Bianca to win (and even Zanjo to enter the Big 4) to shut his mouth off. I also admire Bianca’s sensibility and Keanna’s strength. I don’t have the right to judge them but let’s just say I have my reasons why I feel they shouldn’t win.

Zanjo, meanwhile, has taken a lot of negative criticism from online posts so I’d rather focus on his positive traits and these are, I honestly think that among the Big Four, he is the housemate who’s truest to himself and who’s not playing for the camera.

Then again, I think this is Keanna’s game to lose.

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