July 27, 2005

Videoke Days Are Here Again!

Had a blast during the long weekend. Tho’ I didn’t plan anything (coz had I known it would be a long weekend in advance, I would have flown to my hometown to attend the fiesta), it didn’t matter. Experience told me acting on impulse especially on gimmicks is still the one that will give you natural highs, albeit in my case, not really that natural. You will find out later. Haha. =)

FRIDAY. Yam and I had an impromptu one-on-one afternoon videoke session in I.O. The Loop after our creative meeting. Haha. While it wasn’t that fun coz there were only two of us alternating in using the microphone, at least it gave us time to prepare for our main videoke concert with our friends/former co-workers Monjam and Rose later that evening. Haha. Sandwiched between the videoke sessions are a film viewing of François Ozon’s Sitcom. Avoid it! Watch John Waters’ Pink Flamingo instead.

SATURDAY. Worked out in the gym for the first time. Went to I-Post for our show’s editing after. Was itching to go out at night but nobody wanted to go out with me. Haha. Good thing our PA Nelson passed by the apartment to return my laptop (the show borrowed it for the online editing of mats). We had an impromptu drinking session while watching Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together. Haha.=) My housemate Rose joined us later for an impromptu “juts” session. Like the first time, I didn’t feel any case of “high”. Rose also. Well, it was just one stick. (My bad!)

SUNDAY. Met with my college blockmates Rose, Juvy and Gen. (The Rose of Friday, Saturday and Sunday are one and the same, by the way. Heh!) Again, unplanned! Rose told me that afternoon that Gen would be sleeping over because she had work on the day of SONA and she lives in Fairview. Traffic would be ugly in Commonwealth. So I told Rose, “okay lang basta manlibre siya ng dinner!” Gen bought the idea, haha! We texted Juvy, who lives nearby, to come with us and yun, instant gimmick! =)

MONDAY. Went to Rockwell to have lunch with my high school friends. We’re supposed to just have lunch but since we miss each other’s company so badly, we decided to do something more. Videoke, that is! =)

Hay, the long weekend was really a welcome respite after 7 months of working for the reality show. Wow, I think I just made an understatement. Well, I hope statements like that won’t be understatements anymore.

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