July 09, 2005


Just got back from Bohol, taping for Qpids. Though I’m a “bisdak”, it was my first time there. Our unit went to the tarsier sanctuary and cruised along the Loboc River. I was with the team of Hazel, Vanessa, Alwyn and Janus and with those two guys forever clowning around, it’s understatement if I say we had fun. The kids are pretty popular there. We were eating in this small carinderia and a crowd of locals was waiting for them outside, staring at them and shouting their names till they finished their lunch. Whoa!

Incidentally, my former board mates Greggy and LJ who are Boholanos invited me to the soft opening of their bar in Tagbilaran. I would have wanted to go but our taping in Bohol Tropics Resort (nice place) finished past midnight already. I did promise them I’d go back to their hometown. Heard Panglao Island is paradise and I still had to experience Chocolate Hills since it’s the other unit who was assigned there.

I’m actually planning to backpack around Pinas after Qpids. I think I’ve saved enough for me to survive 2 months of bum time. I will discover the North and island hop the South. I’m still thinking whether to invite friends or go solo. I think it would be more adventurous if I go solo. What do you think? Argh, I’m already excited just thinking about it. :)

BTW, our show will be a weekly thing starting this Sunday. I hope this will be the start of a social life. Hehe. :)


CF said...

Janus and Alwyn... hahahaha! Just thinking of the two of them puts a smile on my face. Add mo pa si Carla and Jill -- kumpleto na ang araw ko. LOL.

Going solo on your back-packing sounds like fun, but having at least one buddy will probably be better (IMHO).

Yeah! Heard about the change in timeslot and format to weekly.

I'm also hoping my social life will get back to normal now that the blog updates will now just be once a week. hehehe!

CF said...

I think I'm going through withdrawal symptoms because of the new weekly format! LOL.