July 29, 2005

Embarrassingly Geeky

I had some geeky moments last night during the taping of Qpids’ Heartbreak Sunday. (Sorry, no spoiler as to who got eliminated! :D). As usual I was assigned (or assigned myself, heh!) to assist the Love Council and because waiting hours are sometimes longer than the actual taping itself, I had to initiate a chit-chat with them thinking they won’t get bored waiting if I do so. I actually enjoy the chitchats. I mean, our love council are usually composed of actors who I grew up watching their TV shows and movies in the 80’s and early 90’s, so the tidbits that came out from the talks never fail to amaze me. Like when William Martinez told us how he and Maricel Soriano bickered a lot during their Luciano Carlos movie shoots or when Manilyn Reynes shared to us how she and Janno Gibbs hid their “tampuhan” to the fans when they had to sing love songs in That’s Entertainment. As a jologs showbiz fan of the 80’s, I listen to their stories with glee.

Last night, we had Gina Alajar and Lotlot de Leon as members of our Love Council. Lotlot arrived late (due to personal reasons I can’t disclose but I’m sure will come out in showbiz-oriented shows in the weeks to come) and Miss Gina and I already ran out of topic to talk about. So nervously, I told Miss Gina that I love her early movies. Conversation went something like this…
ME: Miss Gina, napanood ko yung mga pelikula nyo nung bata pa kayo!
MS. GINA: Talaga?
ME: (gushing) Oo! Yung Manila By Night! Kamukha mo si Joyce Jimenez!
MS. GINA: Talaga? Thank you!
ME: Grabe noh! Si William Martinez pala, bago naging teenstar, ganun pala ang mga roles niya!
(Ms Gina awkwardly laughs)

Of course it was only after I said that when I realized that in the movie, Gina Alajar and William Martinez had this nude sex scene in the shower where Miss Gina showed her butt and by saying my comments about her looking like Joyce Jimenez and William being not so wholesome pre-Maricel Soriano, I was being tactless! My bad! :)

My tactlessness didn’t end there. When the Love Council was already onstage, Miss Lotlot commented about the large number of fans inside the studio and without thinking again, I asked her, “Para din bang sa Lotlot and Friends?!” She laughed of course, but somewhere at the back of my mind, I remembered reading an article about Lotlot and Friends not exactly doing well in the ratings game. Argh! :)

Somebody has to tell me to keep my mouth shut during the next Heartbreak Sunday and to keep my 80’s pop culture comments to myself. :)


CF said...

Thanks for a good laugh! :D

michaeljosh said...

Hey Ted. Nice to see that you are finally living out your dream, hobnobbing with all these celebrtities. More power, I hear you are a very powerful person already.

beatlebum said...

hahaha! i wish! :)