April 18, 2005

Blue Screen of Death

Can somebody explain this to me? Coz this is exactly what's happening to my notebook. (I thought it was just Blaster worm virus!)

And since I'm not exactly a "techie" expert, kindly tell me after the solution to this pesky prob. Thanks! :)


Miaka said...

Hey Beatlebum!

Usually when you get BSoD, it's a windows system error. When did you start get the error? Did you install or change the settings of your machine? It's difficult to troubleshoot that one unless we would know where the fault is.

beatlebum said...

Hi miaka!

I'm not sure kelan to nagstart but I think nagstart to nung inupgrade ko ang RAM ko to 1G from 520 mb. ano kaya dapat kong gawin? :D

Anonymous said...


Nangyayari yan if you have a lot of applications open in your desktop. Trying working with only those programs you need absolutely open. Like try not playing Media player in the background while you're burning a CD, things like those. BSOD happens when you've absolutely driven you're computer confused.

Sisis (btw, i'm back :-))