July 22, 2012

Multiple Entry

I am just so thrilled and happy that I have to blog about me getting a 10-year multiple entry US visa! Woohoo! I honestly didn't think I'd be granted one.  The fact that I'm single and in my 30's surely looks like a red flag to them.  It was nerve-wracking seeing single people getting denied while waiting for my interview.  I owe a lot to ABS-CBN because I did see the visa officer's shift of expression when I mentioned I work for the company.  Aside from that, I think my 12-year loyalty paid off.  I think, aside from travel experiences & income, that was a major consideration.  It made them think I will not TNT on them. Alright, no more analyzing!  I'm blessed, I'm grateful, I'm happy, and I can't wait to see New York!

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