February 13, 2006

Snow Bag

Hi guys! That's my good 'ol Jansport bag on Utah snow. I asked Michiko to take a picture of it on snowy ground. Buti pa si Jansport noh, nakatikim na ng snow. Hahahaha! :) Habang ako, nakakulong na rin yata sa Bahay ni Kuya. Hehehe.

Yes, it's still about THE show. If there's one person who needs to be debriefed after the season ends, it should not only be the contestants. It should also be me! Dude, I find it hard to get out of my system what happens inside even after my shift! I don't know. I have some dangerous voyeuristic tendencies I guess, but it's just that you get so involved observing the housemates that you feel like you know them and you're very close friends with them?!? P is for pathetic, I know! :) What's weirder is that even in my sleep or supposedly blank state, I still think of them! AAAAAH!!! :)

One proof is that I only get to be friends with Dulce during that 3-month 2003 My First Romance shoot but when she cried for the first time in the house, I also bawled with her. HECK, NOT ONLY WITH HER! I cry when everyone else inside the house cries! I hate! :) Actually I don't understand why the crying moments always come during my shift. Always during my shift! Lord, I want some babaw moments for a change please!!!! :)

So there you go, my first week inside the house. Seven more weeks to go. Wish me luck! :)


Dude said...

if it makes you feel better, i know someone who subscribed to 24/7 on skycable, subscribed to 24/7 on now.abs-cbn.com, and runs a website about them.

who's more pathetic now? hehehe

beatlebum said...

hahahaha! enough said. :)