September 12, 2005

Friggin Amazing!

Got this from my email this morning and WOW, this is just (sorry to qoute Regine) "friggin" amazing!!! :) The sender emailed both Michiko and I. I don't know from which website she got our email addys.

Hello there, my name is mwenda from zambia, in africa. we here watch yna and angelo and are so madly in love with them. we are at the point when yna wants nathaniel to live fatima's house because claudia is after them. please do update me with the details. i got your address from the website and you did insist on anyone getting in touch with you over the updates.

waiting patiently
I think I will reply but I don't think I can answer her question. Andami pa kayang nangyari after this plot! :) And I honestly don't remember the plot details now of PSY. Pero wow talaga! "Friggin" amazing! :)

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Monj City said...

hehe so u received na pala mwenda's email. i referred u and mitch to her (or him)when she emailed me asking about psy. sagutin mo na malay mo sya na ang future partner mo. harhar