August 26, 2004

Hate Testi

Currently taking a break from script writing. Thought to share with you this Friendster testimonial written for me by a high school classmate. I love it! Argh, self-loathing is so Beck slash Radiohead mid-90's! And sad to say, I'm trapped.

Poetic justice?
in highschool teddy annoyed
everyone with stupid info on showbiz
personalities that he researched.
hearing about that crap made me
want to release projectile vomitus.
now that he works with show biz
personalities most of that information
come from first hand experience,
which makes him really popular with
that same people that hated it back in
high school.
whenever i see him now and he starts
yapping about how "so-in-so bigtime
actor" is really gay or what not, i
smile and listen.
i smile with my mouth closed
though...projectile vomitus is really
hard to hold back.
Funny how I'm reduced to writing about trivial stuff these days.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see something new on your blog that's from you (and not from SCQ fans). haha!

~ CF

beatlebum said...

Hehe. :)