December 22, 2003

No Worries

I'm in my sleepy hometown down south right now for the holidays. Per tradition, I'm going to spend them with my family. And since our hometown only has one internet cafe, I guess I'll apologize in advance by saying that I may not be able to update my blog as often as before. But it's all cool, though. I may not that have many friends here (I studied high school in another island) but I AM with my family. I only get to see them once or twice a year so staying home for the next two weeks is more than fine. I definitely miss the comforts of home (remember, I left them when I was 12?) so I appreciate all the time that I spend with them.

Actually, I feel weird these past few days because there seems be no worries about living life like I usually do in the metro. Here, I just sleep, eat, wash the dishes, watch TV, listen to my CD collection, read books/mags, eat, and then sleep again. I don't have to worry about getting late for work nor trying to make a living just to be able to eat. Life here's basically stress-free, it’s weird! The only thing that worries me is thinking of the worries that I'm going to worry about once I get back in the city. :) This is new to me. I guess I just have to live with it. Haha.:)

I'm really blessed, I guess. I got this text message sent to me by my former boss during my birthday that's so apt about blessings. He said, "May you enjoy the many blessings we already all have, but are blinded by the illusion of our self-notion of 'smallness'". How so true! I really give it to Sir Ward for giving me all these quotable quotes! :)

Speaking of my birthday, a friend pointed out that I actually celebrated it all around the Philippines. LOL! :) See, early morning I was in the Metro so I was in Luzon. Then I took a flight to Dumaguete (to save money; man, the plane fares to Mindanao cost the same as the plane fares to Hongkong!) and stayed there for 4 hours and Dumaguete is in the Visayas. I arrived in my hometown in Mindanao by afternoon and completed the national leg for my birthday. Haha :) WOW Philippines should award me or something. See how trivial I've become here?! :)

Neways, I don't know when I'll be able to blog again so I'll just end this message by greeting you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be good everyone!

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