September 29, 2003

Death is the Beginning

I am now officially a part of the blog world. While I'm a classic narcissist, I did have doubts about posting a live online journal. I mean, I do want to share my innermost thoughts to everyone but what if I will pull a Christa? (Watch Survivor: Pearl Islands to know what I mean.) That is just so scary for a person who still has delusions that he's going to be famous in the future.

And while I'm a certified geek, I am no techie geek. I have no idea how to edit or format my posts. God, I don't like it when I sound like this! Can I be more OC? With frustrating reasons, though. I was supposed to post my feelings about my grandfather's death. He just died this afternoon. I loved him dearly so I'm supposed to write depressing thoughts. Well, no thanks to my complete ignorance of HTML stuff, those bursting emotions all went pfft after spending more than an hour trying to fathom how to be a blogger. Yup, I feel nothing already.

I guess this is what is called "blogging" around. I welcome myself.


Marlou said...

September 29 is my Birthday... the day you started this blog... heheh, wala lang!

Anyway, can i link your site on my blogspot?

beatlebum said...

oks lang. hehe :)