January 01, 2010

10 Resolutions for 2010


1. Lose weight.
I will enrol in Gold’s Gym Waltermart or Slimmers SM North in January and live a healthy life.

2. Stop being tactless.
I will be more sensitive to the feelings of other people. I will know when to keep my mouth shut and be less "igat".

3. Learn to swim.
I will enrol in Lozada or any swimming school during PBB break and finally learn to swim.

4. Save money.
I should buy my own house in the next 5 years. I should also save enough to fund my next short film, hopefully in 2011. Pasensya na, ambitious! Haha!

5. Finish short.
I will finish editing my short film in the first quarter and not fear if the finished product sucks.

6. Read more.
I will read a good book at least once a month starting with the film book I asked Michiko to buy in Amazon in 2007.

7. Go out with friends more.
Work should never be an excuse. I should go out & reconnect with friends at least once or twice a month. I will be a good friend to everyone.

8. Lessen internet time.
While very difficult, I should only surf the web two hours a day – one hour after waking up & one hour before sleeping time.

9. Learn to say no.
I will not say “yes” when I don’t want to say “yes”. I will not be guilty to say “no”.

10. Stop procrastinating.
There should be no more “later na lang” moments but not to the point of stressing out over everything.

Good luck to me! Happy New Year! :)

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