December 28, 2013

Give Thanks Despite A Blue Christmas

Despite the unfortunate events that happened to our family this year, there are still some things to thank God for.  For one,  I was able to celebrate my birthday in the company of my Annaliza family.

Birthday surprise on the set

With my Annaliza family

Another birthday cake during Annaliza's Christmas dinner

Birthday boy!

Just before I left home for the holidays, I was also able to squeeze in fun reunion with relatives & close friends.

Annual Christmas dinner with my closest college friends

Annual Christmas treat to my beloved pamangkins

Christmas, so far, has been "steady".  I mostly stayed home because I got sick upon arriving here.  My sister and I decided to forgo noche buena.  The tradition just reminds us so much of Nanay, we didn't want to turn it into a "cryfest."  There had been emotional debates among us regarding some legal matters on Nanay's death.  It's still not resolved but it gets me depressed.  I pray God gives us the strength and wisdom in coming up with a decision, and I also pray that Nanay will guide us.

Visited Nanay's grave during Christmas day. God, I miss her so much!

It's not all blue Christmas, though.  I was able to meet up with some childhood friends for Christmas dinner.  Some old family friends also invited us to celebrate the occasion with them in their homes and I appreciate that.  The fact that I'm with my family during Christmas and without work-related stress is also a blessing already.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Tatay's and my cousin Jimbo's birthday. We'll also have our annual Christmas party with neighbors.  We definitely feel the void left by Nanay but we need to move on. If only, it's that easy.

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