July 01, 2013

Mixed Emotions

My fatigue probably offset a would-have-been emotional day. Thank God because I hate being emotional!

Honey and I helped our housemate Aris moved to his new apartment in Paranaque earlier. He had to move because his work location transferred to Alabang and it's a hassle traveling from QC to Alabang everyday. I will definitely miss Aris.  Truth be told, he's probably my closest guy pal now. We actually started off on the wrong foot for reasons I'd rather not disclose but we became very close when we became housemates.  Like I always write, ever since I stayed in a dorm in high school, I'm already used to housemates moving in and out and so it's difficult to maintain friendship. I would not like my friendship with Aris to suffer the same fate. I hope we'll be friends for life.

Thanks for everything, Aris!
After helping Aris moved in, we had dinner in Vikings, MOA.  It turned out CF, who's in a 2-week vacation in the Philippines, was also in the mall.  CF is a dear friend who I used to write about here in my blog.  We haven't seen each other for 4 years after CF migrated to the US.  We had been trying to schedule a meet-up but it was very difficult because of my work.  It was a twist of fate then that we found ourselves in the same location.  I took the chance and excused myself from Aris and Honey to meet CF.  I was very happy to see CF again.  I miss CF!  We're just friends now but CF will always have a special place in my heart.  We chit-chat about our lives and I can see how CF has grown and matured.  I am a proud brother!  We promised to see each other again before CF leaves for the US or if not, when I get to travel to the US next year (fingers crossed!).  CF promised to drive me around Sanfo.

I'm not used to writing  a blog entry like this anymore. LOL!

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