June 23, 2008

Kelly! Kelly!

Aside from school, I've been busy these past 4 months writing and assisting the directors for this film entitled Kelly! Kelly! (Ang Hit Na Movie Musical). Can I just say that it was really fun working for this project? :) My directors and film school classmates Pablo and Francis are uber-cool! It's also my first time to work for Unilever and while at first, the people there can be intimidating, I discovered later on that they are human beings too. :D The brand manager even agreed to act in my short exercise for school playing the role of, what else, brand manager! (Thanks Ward, hehe!) Maybe it also helped that the film's set in high school so we can't help but feel young at heart while shooting the movie.

Here are some pictures during the shoot...

Thanks to Kuya Wowie for the pictures and more of them are in my Multiply album!

Kelly! Kelly! (Ang Hit Na Musical) opens in July in schools near you.

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