May 09, 2008

The Best Season Ever!

Who would have thought that after 16 seasons, the franchise would still produce it's best installment yet?! Yes, no matter what the outcome will be this coming Monday, I declare Survivor Micronesia: Fans Versus Favorites as the best Survivor season ever in terms of gameplay. You guys should download the series in Isohunt or somewhere! It's that good! :)

I would be the happiest if my pre-season bet Amanda wins but based on editing, I think the Sole Survivor will be Cirie or Parvati.

My ranking of Survivor seasons as of today:
1. Survivor Micronesia: Fans Versus Favorites
2. Survivor Amazon
3. Survivor Pearl Islands
4. Survivor China
5. Survivor Marquesas
6. Survivor Africa
7. Survivor Australian Outback
8. Survivor All Stars
9. Survivor Cook Islands
10. Survivor Palau
11. Survivor Panama
12. Survivor Guatemala
13. Survivor Vanauatu
14. Survivor Thailand
15. Survivor Fiji Islands

I haven't seen the first season.


Miaka said...

I agree and I'm not even a Survivor fan! I almost did not go to work today just so I could watch the finale. hahaha

I was wondering where the first season was in your list. I probably would have given it props just because it was the first. :)

beatlebum said...

Ako naman first time kong maexcite muli na manood ng Survivor finale after a looong time. Depress-depressan din nung nagkalat na naman si Amanda sa final tribal council. Kaawa kasi, two seasons in a row na umabot ng finals pero never nanalo. Haha. Affected! :)

Siguro kahit napanood ko yung first season, di ko pa rin siya isasali sa ranking. Feeling ko kasi a league of its own siya. Hehe