February 18, 2007

Valentine Week!

I don't know. I just feel like documenting my last free week before PBB steals my social life for the next 18 weeks. LOL! :)

February 14, Wednesday
As always, I spent Valentines Day with my friends. Well, spent the day working although to sorta celebrate the occasion, my workmates and I ate lunch at Dencio's. Night time, I went out with workmates Marcus and Athan. Marcus said something about Valentines Day that made me realize how bitchy commercialism can be. He said that Valentines Day is actually created for singles. After all, couples can celebrate their togetherness by eating out any day of the year. Or something like that. Tama, di ba? Do I make sense? LOL! :) Anyway, we went to IO to sing our hearts out.

February 15, Thursday
I slept over at a friend's apartment. I don't wanna go into details. Hahaha!

February 16, Friday
Met with Pexer friend Macmac. He's been texting me depressing messages lately so even if I lack sleep from the previous night, I immediately said yes to his invite. We first went to UP for the fair (we're both Iskos!), but upon seeing the huge crowds, Macmac had a change of heart and decided that we go to Quattro instead. Ready na sana ako to headbang, hehe! Pero oks lang because at least we got to drink and talk about really serious stuff in Quattro. I promised to pimp him by the end of the night. That guy deserves some lovin'! :)

February 17, Saturday
I was down with colds but kebs, still went out with my housemate Rose to watch Music and Lyrics. I had high hopes for the tandem but the movie's just okay. Still, I enjoyed the night kasi at least nagka-bonding kami ni Rose. Matagal na kaming di nakalabas and for sure, with Maria Flordeluna and PBB's busy sked, baka matagal na ulit bago kami makagimik. I also want to pimp Rose! She deseves some lovin' too! :)

Today, I'm meeting Pexer friend Yugi in Rockwell. We'll just meet for coffee and then attend Mass together. Hay, I hope the "free" days never end. :)


saffron_blue said...

san kayo nanonood ng Music and Lyrics? i watched it on the same day, in GB1! same sentiments here bowt the film. i hate having unmet expectations :-P

amishu and rose dude!

beatlebum said...

sm city lang kami. miss you too! :)