August 04, 2005

Pinoy Big Brother Spoilers

No, I'm not part of the show but like you, I'm also excited how this franchise will turn out to be. Personally, I hope it will become a hit so that rival GMA will hopefully buy a similar franchise (say, Survivor!:D) where I can audition for since I don't work for the network. Hehe.

I don't think this is a spoiler but more of a teaser. See, I've seen the pics of the contestants and hosts already (I won't tell how!:D) and here's what I can share...

*Age range of contestants is between 21-29.
*One female housemate is an FHM model.
*There's also a male model housemate.
*Another half Filipino half foreign blood male housemate.
*There's a stocky dyslexic female housemate.
*A seemingly eccentric male housemate donning dreadlocks.
*The token gay housemate.
*A "Kurimao" male housemate with thick Batangas accent
*Most of the housemates are very good-looking (that's why I'll be rooting for the average looking ones! :D)
*As for the hosts, there's 3 of them. One just starred in a blockbuster comedy movie. The other's a controversial variety show host. And the other one is a VJ for a music channel.

Note to the fans who chance upon this blog, keep this info to yourselves and don't link!


Jacee said...

Oh I know who are the 3 host already...I've seen it awhile ago sa commercial!

I'm curious about this reality show so I'll try and watch it!

Marky said...

very interesting... i've read of this big brother thing last april pa ... sabi nila title is "Kuya"... thank god pinalitan nila ;-)

im wondering if they'd go as daring as their UK and Australian versions... as in all cameras everywhere even in shower.. everything dangling shows ;-)

(sigh) sleepless nights in sydney because of this reality show.

beatlebum said...

jacee: u know, after we've been toured inside the house, nabuhayan din ako. bumabalik ang aking pagiging survivor fanatic (similar kasi kahit papano gameplay nila) at gustung gusto kong sumali sa PBB. ah! sayang talaga at di ako pwede.

marky: yep, kahit sa shower at kahit sa kubeta, me camera. i was shocked too nung nakita ko mga cams dun. maiiba talaga sensibility ng mga pinoys pag pumatok 'to. :)

Jacee said...

Oh, I think if given a chance,I will not join in PBB, I don't see myself doing dorky things while millions of people were watching!! hahahha

Maybe if ABS will come up a reality show like an AMAZING RACE, then surely I'll join! That's my fave reality show e! Thrilling, lots of adventure and you will not be eliminated coz they didn't like you! hahaha

beatlebum said...

TAR is also my fave. I think I'd also prefer joining Survivor or TAR than Big Brother, but since PBB is the next best thing, why not?! Siguro it's because the competitive spirit in me. I like playing psychological games kasi. Haha :D

Miaka said...

may kwento ako sa iyo tungkol dun sa isang housemate sa PBB. naiirita ako kapag naaalala ko siya e.